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Dr. Duffy combines decades of clinical experience with the latest restorative technologies to give each patient optimal results without the risks associated with traditional plastic surgery.

We Specialize in Restoring a Great Beauty. Yours.

Dr. Duffy puts decades of clinical experience and the latest therapeutical technologies to work to restore a great canvas: your skin. With patients and in his teaching, Dr. Duffy is an advocate of gentle, steady, minimum risk/maximum results procedures, backed up by at-home regimens to maintain improvements that are aesthetically age-appropriate. Our goal for patients is to keep them looking fresh, natural and expressive. Sun, hormones, heredity and health factors, environmental stresses, trauma, fluctations in weight, inflammation and movement all take their toll on your skin. Sound medical judgment and the judicious use of rejuvenating procedures and protocols can help your skin look its radiant best at any age. We encourage our patients to transcend the medi-spas and doctor mills and seek out the most efficacious, professional dermatologic care, which is unquestionably the best value. There are so many non-invasive rejuvenation methods available without resorting to plastic surgery. Dr. Duffy strives to put his vast experience to work selecting the best choices for you.

Problems We Can Solve

  • Spider & Varicose Veins
  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots/Pigment/Melasma
  • Scar Removal
  • Birthmarks
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Thin Lips
  • Cellulite and Loose, Crepey Skin
  • Double Chins
  • Irregular Nose Shape/Facial Assymetry
  • Facial Laxity/Brow & Jawline Lifts
  • Sunken Cheeks/Volume Loss
  • Sun Damage/Pre-Cancers/Actinic Keratosis
  • Stretchmarks
  • Moles
  • Aging Hands
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Excess Body Fat

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Spider & Varicose Veins

Spider veins are clusters of tiny vessels on the skin’s surface that resemble a spider. Also known as telangiectasia, spider veins have many causes; genetic, sun exposure, trauma, even previous vein treatments can all be contributory. Facial telangiectasia is quite common and effectively treated with vascular lasers and light treatments. Varicose veins are largers vessels that are dilated (widened) or twisted. They can be associated with incompetency of the valves in the vein which regulate blood flow, so Dr. Duffy may use diagnostics to exam your valves, if indicated. Symptoms include tired, heavy, or aching limbs. Support stockings, maintaining normal weight and regular exercise may be beneficial but cannot reverse what has already occurred. Varicose veins are frequently treated by sclerotherapy, injecting a solution  that irritates the lining of the vein, closing it off so it can be absorbed by the body. Dr. Duffy is recognized, here and abroad, as an authority on vein treatments. There are only a few doctors in the country with his depth of experience and knowledge.


The location and cause of wrinkles will determine the best treatment for eliminating them, so begin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Duffy. Wrinkles, lines and creases can be due to volume loss, the dynamics of your facial movement, asymmetries caused by changes in weight, aging or sun damage. Dr. Duffy employs a concert of dermal fillers, laser resurfacing techniques, and facial relaxants to rejuvenate and freshen the face. Different areas of the face respond better to different fillers. Careful selection of what to use and how to use it is essential and Dr. Duffy’s vast clinical experience makes all the difference.  Also see Botox, Radiesse, Juvaderm, Perlane, Restylane, Sculptra, FRAXEL, Artefil, Peels, and CO2 Laser.

Age Spots/Pigment/Melasma

These are all forms of unsightly, irregular pigmentation that detract from your appearance and make you feel older than you are. Young healthy skin has even coloration, not mottled with dark and light areas. Sun exposure, hormones, and trauma all contribute to uneven pigmentation. Many treatment modalities can help manage hyperpigmentation and age spots. Diligent sun protection can prevent further damage and recurrence after treatment. Melasma (irregular pigmentation of the face, on the malar area (the upper cheek), bridge of nose, forehead, and upper lip) occurs in about 50% of women during pregnancy and on birth control pills. Melasma darkens with sun exposure so broad spectrum SPF 30+ sun protection is essential. We offer many effective treatments for pigment problems including: Intense Pulsed Light draws melanin to the surface where it can be sloughed off; FRAXEL, the fractional laser technology which tackles both pigmentation and skin texture issues (fine lines and roughness); Cosmelan depigmentation lifts superficial pigmentation in a series of in-office and at-home therapies; SilkPeel Dermal Infusion, a microablation with companion lightening serum gently encourages lightening and brightening and at-home topical medications to maintain results.

Scar Removal

Scars are very individual in nature and require an careful assessment by the doctor. Depressed scars can be pumped up or filled in. Raised scars must be resurfaced or remodeled. Some will involve evening out coloration.  Some may require micro-surgical techniques. Multiple treatments are generally required. Also see FRAXEL, Laser Resurfacing, Botox, Radiesse, Juvaderm, Perlane, Restylane, Sculptra, SILKPEEL, CO2 Laser, Q-Switch Laser.


Birthmarks are actually clusters of capillaries or what we call “vascular lesions”. The types of vascular lesions are to numerous to list, ranging in color, size and depth. They can be treated effectively using the VersaPulse Laser.

A chronic skin disease that affects the middle third of the face with persistent flushing over the forehead, cheeks, chin and nasal tip. Blood vessels enlarge and become more visible through the skin, appearing like tiny red lines (called telangiectasias). Pimples can occur that look like teenage acne. Rosacea, which commonly presents in fair skinned people, 30 to 50, is both recurrent and protean. It is a condition that can’t be cured but can be managed. Steer clear of over-the-counter remedies which can irritate. Diet and sun protection will be necessary. We opt for the newest topical and oral antibiotics and oral antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and light therapies. IPL treatment for eliminating the redness or blush from tiny vessels is an excellent solution. Periodic flare ups will occur and prompt retreatment.
This common skin condition, which can occur at any age, affects nearly 50 million Americans annually, in varying degrees of severity. P. Acnes bacterium (present on everyone’s skin) inflames blackheads, papules and pustules, causing scarring, social anxiety and poor self image. Genetics and hormones play a roll. Modern Acne care is a steady, well-planned treatment protocol that keeps flare-ups at bay, while treating active lesions. The ongoing management of Acne can involve anti-inflammatories, anti-bacterials, oral and topical; BLU-U light treatments that literally “cook” bacteria; drainage, scar revisions, etc. We apply all the procedures and expertise of decades in cosmetic practice to assist our patients with Acne. Significant results are seen within just weeks.
Thin Lips

Nearly everyone experiences a loss of lip volume with age. But just making lips bigger isn’t necessarily the answer. In a sense, Dr. Duffy sculpts the lip and surrounding areas in order to achieve the shape, size and contours that are correct for your face. Attention must be paid to peri-oral areas too. The area above the lip may need attention, as well as the nasolabial folds. Some facial aging in the central face is due to fat loss which can begin in our 30’s. Aging and genetics play a big part in the size of our lips. Dr. Duffy uses a fillers and relaxants artfully and judiciously to your best advantage.

Irregular Nose/Facial Assymetry

While no face is completely symmetrical, illness, weight loss, overall aging and tissue loss, trauma, and prior surgeries can cause asymmetry that is uncomplimentary or bothersome for patients. Fortunately there are many comfortable, affordable in-office procedures that can reshape the face, cheeks, jawline and nose without plastic surgery. With respect to noses, shape is largely determined by cartilage placement so we can recontour the tip, reshape or straighten the bridge or build up an impression with the artful use of dermal fillers. Improvements are significant and immediate. See Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra.

Facial Laxity/Brow & Jawline Lifts

Laxity in facial skin can be due slowed production or degradation of type 1 natural collagen which plumps and supports our skin from below. Energy-based therapies such as radiofrequency Pelleve is a wonderful modality to build up the underlying collagen in the deep dermis, without harming the surface skin. Another choice is the much-touted ultrasound therapy, Ulthera.

Sunken Cheeks/Volume Loss

Age, genetics, fat loss, and bone loss all play a roll in the flattening of cheek projection that your face had in its youth. Placed correctly, products such as Radiesse and Sculptra not only make instantaneous improvements but offer long term collagen-building effects as well.

Sun Damage/Actinic Keratosis

Sun damaged skin–red and brown areas on the face, chest and arms– generally requires using a concert of treatments and some time to remedy. Actinic Keratosis--scaly, crusty lesions on the skin in a variety of colors--is a premalignant condition that should be treated promptly before it progresses to something more serious. Common in fair-skinned people, AK’s are associated with sun exposure. Fortunately Dr. Duffy has a large arsenal of treatments for AK’s and all forms of sun damage, with a reputation for excellent outcomes. Solutions include IPL, FRAXEL, SILKPEEL, advanced topical remedies like Aldara, BLU-light/Levulan, cryotherapy and at-home topicals including glycolics and bio-engineered creams and lotions.


When the skin gets overstretched by pregnancy, extreme weight loss or gain (as in body building), the stretch can create a tear which fragments the dermis (the true skin). Stretch marks may occur on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, or lower back. New stretch marks, usually red or purple, are the easiest to treat. Stretch marks can be improved using FRAXEL, Lasers , as well as peels.


Essentially, moles are a clump of pigment cells called melanocytes. Ranging in size from a pinhead to a saucer, they can occur anywhere on the skin. They typically darken with sun exposure, but can occur in areas not exposed to sunlight. The most basic risk factor for developing moles is your genetic makeup. Moles with Irregular borders and colors adn those bigger than a pencil eraser can be a prelude to trouble, so have them checked regularly (once a year atleast) by a dermatologist and removed as indicated.

Aging Hands
Sun, strain and overall aging takes its toll on hands. Because the skin on hands is quite thin and delicate and there are fewer oil glands there, hands become, reddened and irritated, covered with brown spots, AK’s (actinic keratosis) and wrinkled and mottled. In addition, the natural aging process will be accompanied by tissue loss on the hands so veins will become more noticeable with time. With all the movement we expect from our hands (work, gardening, sports, etc.), they start to take on a tortured look. Luckily, restoring the youthful beauty of your hands is very “doable” using a carefully chosen combination of gentle, effective office procedures developed by Dr. Duffy. The hand rejuvenation process produces remarkable results; Dr. Duffy can eliminate enlarged veins (no, you don’t need them), fade spots and irregular pigment, smoothe fine lines and plump up depressions. Patients say it’s a real morale booster. Afterall, pretty faces deserve pretty hands. Aftercare instructions are easy to follow and there is no downtime. Wouldn’t it be great to look down at your hands and love the way they look again? Go to the Service Menu and click on Hand Rejuvenation to learn more, see before and afters and video.
Tattoo Removal

Centuries old, tattooing is the permanent insertion of ink or other pigments into the skin. Tattoo removal in recent years has been greatly advanced through the use of lasers that target specific colors on the skin. Multiple treatments are needed, depending on the size and depth of the tattoo, and the type of ink used. Though lasers made removal safer, there is some risk of trauma to the skin and some tattoos cannot be completely removed. Tattoo removal can be transformative for patients.

Cellulite and Loose, Crepey Skin

Cellulite (lumpy fat contained in fibrous connective tissue below the skin) occurs in approximately 80-90% of post-adolescent females. Cellulite causes the skin’s topography (usually on the body, buttocks and thighs) to appear dimpled or rough, much like orange peel. The causes of cellulite are multi-factorial. Hormones (Estrogen in particular) play a key role. Lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency, connective tissue disorders, diet and lifestyle also play a part. In-office PelleFirm™ radio frequency treatments are an effective, painless and affordable way to improve the appearance of Cellulite and loose, crepey skin. Learn more on the Procedures page under PelleFirm. We offer the latest, most effective Cellulite treatment in the area at unbeatable prices.

Excess Body Fat

Even men and women who are fit and close to their ideal weight experience fat deposits around the waist, love handles, back and thighs. We can give our patients a 2-4” reduction around their cores by using Vanquish focused-field radio frequency technology. Vanquish targets fat with heat energy, destroying up to 60% of the fat cells so they can be flushed away by the body...all without disturbing the surface skin or underlying tissues. Learn more on the Procedures page under Vanquish Fat Reduction.