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Skin Care

Selecting and using “cosmeceuticals” - or products that work to improve the appearance, structure and function of your skin - can be a daunting task for patients. The range of choices is huge at doctor’s offices, on line and at the mall.

To assist our patients in finding products that are practical, affordable and effective, we’ve sorted through the choices to find lines with solid science behind them, and that are well-formulated for efficient delivery. The categories grow daily–vitamins, botanicals, lipids, metals, proteins and peptides, exfoliants, anti-oxidants, growth factors, lightening agents, humectants, sunscreens. They are all purpose-built to reduce fine lines, redness, dryness, control Acne, hyperpigmentation and protect you from the sun and environmental stresses.

A few myths about cosmeceuticals that we would like to dispel.

• It is wrong to think that the more complicated your at-home regimen is, the better it will work. We advocate a simple program that you know you will stick to daily. 4 to 5 products at most. Use them for  90 days rotating in others, as seasons and skin conditions change. Patience and consistency counts.

• Moisturizers don’t truly improve wrinkling in the lower face, they simply reduce visibility. Perioral wrinkling is largely due to muscle movement tissue loss and sun damage which a moisturizer can’t fix. Moisturizers are valuable in rejuvenation because they provide barrier defense, sooth and smooth.

• Over-the-counter retinoids can’t work like the prescription ones. Period.

• Bleaching creams don’t work quickly. Figure on 3 months to see your result. Pigment is stubborn. It arrived slowly and it will go away slowly and grudgingly. Persistent pigment will require office treatment.

• Vitamin A, C and E can’t reverse photoaging. Oral consumption (and topical application) can be beneficial as an anti-oxidant but it cannot reverse the damage that is already there.

• “Hypoallergenic, preservative-free and natural” are not guarantees that your skin won’t react to it. Natural botanicals can provoke an allergic response and they can cause Acne. All preservatives are not bad. Bacteria, yeast and microbes are bad and purity is important.