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Hand Rejuvenation

A Beautiful Face Deserves Beautiful Hands.

Many patients who have had our rejuvenating treatments for their faces ask, “Can you make the cuffs match the collar?”

The answer is yes!

Hand Rejvenation Involves a Variety of Treatments Used in Concert for Healther, More Beautiful Hands at Any Age!
Hands, like faces, are the victims of unsightly veins, sun damage, irregular pigment, and fine lines. If you are an active person (gardening, tennis, golf, riding, etc.), your hands have endured much stress and sun, and fragile hand skin with fewer oil glands is often less able to defend itself than the oil-rich, thicker skin of the face.

Hand rejuvenation is a composite approach, pioneered by Dr. Duffy, which varies by the extent and type of damage. Treatments pose only minor discomfort and inconvenience. Dr. Duffy may begin with injection treatments of the unwanted veins. Compression may be needed (no strenuous hand shaking or clapping for awhile; ice may help and sun screen is a must). Then, perhaps a series of light peels or Pft, Pft with the laser to zap away brown spots, followed by daily creme to bleach, smooth and firm. Dermal fillers may be used to plump and fill in for tissue loss due to aging and stresses. Lasers, Ulthera, Pelleve, etc. are then used to tighten the hand skin overall and stimulate collagen production.

Each patient is different but most everyone’s hands can be improved. Prettier hands make a huge difference in overall appearance and are a terrific morale builder. Follow-up visits will be needed to maintain results.

Great For Feet Too!

VEINS - Before
VEINS - After
PIGMENT - Before