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Photodynamic Therapy (Blu Light)

Photodynamic BLU-LIGHT involves the use of photochemical reactions to photosensitizing agents, light, and oxygen. Essentially, this is a two-step process: First, a photo-sensitizer is applied to the skin surface and absorbed by the lesions. Second, a specific wavelength of blue light is directed toward the lesions, activating the photo-sensitizer in the presence of oxygen.

Sun Damage

BLU-U light is great news for us fair-skinned “children of Europe” who’ve spent years swimming, boating and playing in the California sun. If you’ve tried the conventional remedies for sun damage and were “underwhelmed” by the results, Levulan will be a pleasant surprise. All in all, nearly every able-bodied person who’s outdoorsy and 40+ could do him or herself a good turn by getting a dose of BLU-U at the end of summer. Here’s why. AK’S Are Not Your Friend. Dermatologists call them “actinic keratosis” but to the layman they are mottled brownish pigment, rough surface patches and sallow cast we see on our arms, chest, face and hands once our tan fades. AK’s aren’t pretty, but more importantly, they can be dangerous. They can morph into squamous cell carcinomas that can reach down deep and spread into other tissue. The best plan is to get AK’s off your skin. Until now that meant Topical 5 Flourouracil or freezing or abrading them one at a time--methods that can be harsh, particularly on senior skin. Gentle, effective and FDA-approved, this procedure gets high marks for patient satisfaction.

What to Expect. Patients notice a little stinging when Levulan is first applied. Nothing big. Light exposure takes a few minutes. Protective eyewear is used. There’s some redness/puffiness afterwards that, oddly enough, looks like a sunburn. Aftercare is important to protect the area while it heals. Avoid chaffing. Cleanse with tepid water, no soap. Use aftercare cremes provided. NO SUN. Long sleeves, a hat, whatever. Sunscreen won’t be enough, Getting treated in the winter makes good sense. Patients come in for progress checks. Gradually, the rough patches slough off and the pigment comes to the surface and dissipates. Many AK’s clear with only one round of therapy but subsequent treatments can be needed. Levulan PDT gives the skin a fresh start and patients the peace of mind that a crusty but harmless AK won’t turn into something a whole lot nastier.

Advanced Acne Treatment

FDA-approved to treat acne, the Blu-U bluelight device is a short span wavelength (405 - 420 nm) high intensity light specifically designed to kill acne bacteria. It can also shrink overactive sebaceous glands when used in combination with aminolevulinic acid. Acne treatment is very individual and the course of treatment will depend on the severity. We also have many therapies to treat the scarring that Acne often leaves behind. Call for consultation.