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Scar Revision

Scars and facial assymetries are the biproducts of living active lives. Accidents, traumas, illnesses, and previous surgeries can all leave telltale marks behind that cause patients to be unhappy with their appearance. Often patients tell us they have suffered silently for years with issues that are relatively simple to correct. Because Dr. Duffy finds the process of scar revision one of his most gratifying endeavors, he has devoted a segment of his practice solely to applying the numerous tools and therapies of cosmetic dermatology to this end.
The before-and-after sequence at left shows the revision of a scar (circled) below the lips. Caused by a dogbite during childhood, the area was stitched at the time but healed with a sharp groove and some tissue loss.

Scar revision is really an orchestration of a number of techniques. Each scar is different so a careful consultation is needed before beginning. With depressed scars, often Dr. Duffy can fill them with long-lasting injectables. Raised scars may need to be resurfaced with an ablative procedures or laser. Some will involve evening out coloration with the correct laser. Some may require micro-surgical techniques, excision etc. Acne scars, among the most common, often require a variety of procedures but they can be radically improved.
Before-and-After - Facial Trauma Scar
Before-and-After - Acne Scarring


While no face is completely symmetrical, illness, weight loss, genetics, aging, tissue loss due to disease or trauma, and prior surgeries can compromise the natural pleasing balance of the face and create distortions.

Dr. Duffy draws upon his vast experience with injectable fillers to reshape the angles of the face, cheeks, jawline, chin, and nose without the need for more invasive plastic surgery.

Dr. Duffy has successfully reshaped many “off-kilter” noses by augmenting underlying cartilage placement. It is possible to recontour the tip, or straighten the bridge through the artful use of dermal fillers. These types of improvements are significant and immediate.

Before-and-After - Bump on nose from previous surgery