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Rejuvenating Peels...Can Remove Years From Your Skin's Appearance

WHY GET A PEEL? Light to medium “freshening” peels are probably the quickest, most effective way to achieve fresher, younger-looking skin with a minimum of risk and downtime. Fine lines, freckling, melasma, blotchiness, sun damage, surface scars, and dull, weathered skin--all classified as “superficial” skin damage brought on by time, trauma and exposure--can be erased from the face, neck, chest and hands. Because peels have been in use for this purpose for over 30 years, they have a well-established protocol and good predictability. Peels enlist the body’s natural healing power to produce a new surface, increased collagen production and epidermal plumbing. By removing the build-up of irregular, dead cells from the skin’s surface, we encourage a smoother, prettier complexion to emerge. Dr. Duffy recommends a conservative and on-going approach.

UNCOVERING A BRAND NEW YOU. Freshening peels cause the top layers of skin cells to dry up and peel off in about a week’s time. During this time, the skin will look as if it has had a sunburn. Each patient’s skin will respond and progress differently, depending on the strength of the solution, the depth and the extent of the damage to be cleared. Always, there should be no sun exposure for 4 to 6 weeks following a peel. Freshening peels work wonder well in combination with other modalities, FRAXEL, spot laser resurfacing and/or injectable fillers to fill in depressions as needed. Dr. Duffy likes the laser for stubborn brown spots and pigmented lesions. Whatever your unique requirement, your skin’s superficial damage is improvable through good care and diligent management.

FAST TRACK OR SLOW TRACK. Dr. Duffy will work with you to establish a timeline for you and document your progress with photographs. You might opt for a series of lower strength peels and more gradual results to avoid a hiding period and missed work. Always, your care will be tailored specifically to your skin and your lifestyle. 

Peels can resolve sun damage, pigment, clear breakouts, and shrink pores.


Light - Light peels consisting of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and proprietary cocktails, are an excellent way to refresh the skin, and exfoliate the surface to let a better you shine through. They can be repeated monthly. They make your makeup go on better and your home products work better. All with no downtime and minimal aftercare. Though, technically it is not a peel, SILKPEEL can be used in this way also. VITALIZE, a cocktail of proprietary ingredients from Skinmedica is perhaps the most popular light peel. It’s non-invasive and comfortable with noticeable results after one application and significant results in 3 to 6 applications.

- These include trichloroacetic acid or higher concentrations of glycolic acid to address issues in the upper-middle layers of skin (acne scars, lines, uneven pigment, etc.) Medium peels leave the skin much smoother and glowing. They can be repeated at 6 to 12-month intervals as needed. Expect a few days of redness and moderate aftercare. One very popular option is Vi Peel from KalilMedical, which is a 7-day process beginning in-office with a quick 20-minute session and finished at home. It yields nice improvements and it a great way to clear off sun damage at the end of summer or to rejuvenate after winter.

Deep - To correct deep, severe wrinkling, a peel that will reach down to the deep dermis may be required. Phenol is one common option. Anesthetic will be required. You will be quite red for some time afterwards so you will need to plan on a hiding period and follow after-treatment guidelines very carefully. Deeper peels yield dramatic results that can last for years. 

WHAT TO EXPECT.  We take a comprehensive history before beginning and advise you of some precautions to take to avoid side effects. For the most part, side effects are manageable and easily countered.

METICULOUS AFTERCARE IS THE KEY TO A GREAT RESULT. Gentle care of newly exfoliated skin is critical. Best results are seen with patients who follow aftercare directions carefully between office visits. The pay-off is clearer, younger-looking skin, reduced sallowness, fewer brown spots and blotches, more even pigment and an overall better texture with fewer lines and wrinkles. The basic instructions are: No sun. NO “picking,” scrubs, buff puffs or depilatories. Substitute a mild soap-free cleanser while healing. Use cremes provided to control redness and inflammation while healing. Call the office, if you have any question of what to do in a particular instance.