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The Ultimate Multi-Tasker - IPL can address many skin issues simultaneously. Its wavelength is very versatile, operating on several levels, greatly diminishing the visual appearance of a variety of issues. It has so many benefits: IPL is so easily tolerated that no general anesthesia is needed; after care is simple; typically sdie effect are rare and mild. For all these reasons, IPL is a favorite mainstay in restoring aging skin in our office. Dr. Duffy is a proponent of steady, conservative, incremental progress to keep skin looking its best. IPL also has a very high compatibility with other office procedures (peels, fillers, Q-Switch and CO2 lasers, Ulthera, and Pelleve, etc.)

How IPL Works and What to Expect. IPL’s wavelength locks onto unwanted melanin; its heat energy shatters unwanted pigment. Shattered melanin particles can then be absorbed by the body. On a slightly deeper level, it addresses vascular lesions (broken capillaries) causing them to coagulate, shrink and disappear. IPL is done in a series of 4 to 6 office visits, depending upon the extent and severity of symptoms. Sessions are about 30 minutes, depending on the size the area. This modality is quite comfortable with the use of topical numbing creme. Aftercare instructions are easy to follow.

IPL and Rosacea
Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by persistent flushing over the middle third of the face, enlarged blood vessels, and reddened pimple-like bumps. It affects millions of fair-skinned Americans in their middle years each year and it is recurrent and ever-changing in its symptoms. Many long-time Rosacea sufferers have been disappointed by older therapies and over-the-counter remedies. If you’ve tried conventional older therapies, you owe it to yourself to experience the results IPL can offer. FDA-approved, safe and effective, IPL has proven effective for the flushing of Rosacea. Dr. Duffy will quite often opt to augment the IPL treatments with topcial and oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. These therapies used dilligently and in concert with each other will manage Rosacea quite adequately for most patients. Diet (limiting spicey foods and alcohol), sun and heat protection and other lifestyle changes will also help keep skin looking its best.
IPL is a light therapy that improves redness, sun damage, age spots, hyperpgimentation from Acne, broken capillaries, telangectasia (swatches of tiny vessels), enlarged pores, sun-induced freckles on hands, arms and chest, fine lines, and the flushing of Rosacea, with virtually no down time.

Gentle and non-ablative, IPL is also very effective in treating chronic redness on the neck and chest, known as Poikladerma.

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