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Fraxel Laser Skin Treatments

FRAXEL Remodels the Skin Using a Thousand Points of Light

FRAXEL’s unique treatment pattern is similar to the tiny dots of ink you see in a newsprinted photograph.

Resurface Wrinkles, Correct Pigment, Sooth Sun-Ravaged Skin, Even Reduce Acne Scars. Fraxel does all of this, AND it is comfortable, fast and minimally invasive. Unlike conventional lasers which treat the entire surface of the skin by selected wavelength, Fraxel spares viable epidermal stem cells, treating the skin in a dispersed, dotlike pattern. Consequently, healing is faster because there is less tissue damage per square inch treated. There is also less redness, less fluid drainage, less swelling and discomfort, and lower risks of infection and side effects.

Developed at Harvard University's Wellman Laboratories, Fraxel represents an emerging dermatological science called "fractional phytoteratologist." Sounds technical but essentially, Fraxel provides "big laser results" with the small bio-response common to gentler non-ablative procedures.

FRAXEL’s adjustable energy level settings allow us the flexibility to select the depth and energy levels at which to work. It’s cooling tip keeps treatments very comfortable. Multiple sessions are required. Results are progressive. As dermal remodeling occurs, fine lines vanish, sun and age spots fade and collagen production increases and firmness returns. FRAXEL can be used in conjunction with fillers, Botox, Pelleve, Ulthera and other lasers to amplify its effects. We recommend beginning a comprehensive topical home-care program after FRAXEL.You will be pleased to see how homecare topicals penetrate better after FRAXEL. FRAXEL can take years off your face, neck and decollete.

Here's What to Expect:
A topical anesthetic (numbing) ointment is applied for your comfort. The Fraxel pattern is laid down in a series of passes, using a robotic handpiece. Patients experience a mild stinging, like a windburn, for about an hour after treatment, with pinkness for up to a week. Sun protection is a must and there are several excellent home care products to use post-treatment. Expect some flaking (exfoliation), bronzing and mild puffiness. These after-effects are temporary and not serious. Many patients go back to work the same day they are treated.