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Ulthera Ultra Sound Therapy

In talking with patients,Dr, Duffy noticed a large percentage of patients that are frustrated by the general laxity in facial skin that comes with time; drooping eyelids and brows, soft, spongey jawlines, crepey, creased, necks, making you look older than you feel. Not such a large percentage of you are willing to be sidelined, bruised, battered and tapped financially by full-on plastic surgery. Some of you have had plastic surgery years ago and want to stave off another round of it. Some patients, who after pregnancy or weight loss, are dismayed with the loose facial tissue left behind, and of course, filler and Botox patients long for a way to augment injectables that will be more long-lasting and overall in effect. For these groups of patients, Ulthera and Pelleve are wonderful news.

  • They are low-risk, effective, proven and science-based
  • A great tool for mild to moderate facial laxity
  • They work on the deep dermis...without disturbance to surface skin
  • Side effects are minimal.
  • Sessions are only about an hour.
  • They are “discreet” technologies offering progressive improvements
  • A good fit for busy people as no “hiding” is required
  • Better, firmer skin happens without screaming “I’ve had something done.”

Using Deep See® imaging technology to track placement, Ulthera delivers small, controlled amounts of ultrasound energy into the deep dermis. This novel ultrasound combination creates a new standard in aesthetic dermatology.

A Proven Technology. A fresh Application.

For decades, ultrasound has been used to break up kidney stones without surgery and for innumerable other time-tested applications. With Ulthera, ultrasound therapy has made its foray into the field of aesthetic medicine. Popular and effective, Ulthera works on the deep dermis, remodelling and tightening to counteract the effects of time and gravity. It lifts brows very effectively, tightens loose, crepey skin on the lids, opens up the eyes (an overall lift of 1.7 mm was noted during the trials) and gives a more refreshed appearance.

Ulthera is a “stealth” procedure. It does not disturb the surface skin. Results develop on gradually over the next 120 days. This gradual process is sometimes called “neocollagenization” or the development of new, more resilient, Type 1 collagen that gives surface skin a better underlying support structure. Ulthera is wonderful for those who like to be a bit “private” about having cosmetic work done and great for those on-the-go who can’t abide a hiding period.

Ultherapy® requires no special preparation or recuperation. Typically, patients see some initial improvement following the procedure, but the ultimate lifting will take place over 2-3 months, as tired collagen is rejuvenated and supplemented with new, stronger collagen. It is not a replacement for the dramatic effects of plastic surgery, but Ultherapy® offers a ‘no downtime’ approach to improving skin laxity in a meaningful way.

Please note that the Ulthera® System underwent 510(k) “de novo” review by the FDA and was granted the first-ever ultrasound clearance for use in facial aesthetic improvement in 2009. It is specifically cleared for eyebrow lift. Other facial improvements have been clinically documented. There are many promising off-label applications.

GREAT FOR: the classic eyebrow lift, laxity at the neck and jawline, decollete.

Upper Lid - Before
Upper Lid - 120 days after
Neck - Before
Neck - 120 days after
Neck - Before
Neck - 120 days afte